TrainHeroic Discount Codes

Well, it's been a good run but sadly all good things must come to an end. As I embark on a few other projects, I'd love to give you the chance to get access to some of my best work on TrainHeroic. over 10 years of partnership with TrainHeroic and what seems like thousands of programs later, I'm on an amazing thing that was.

Below you'll find the table and links of all the available programs. I have on TrainHeroic as well as their discount codes for you to access. this page and the TrainHeroic links will stay live for the next 30 days. After that, you won't be able to access them anymore.

 I hope you enjoy putting these programs into action as much as I did writing them and I look forward to hearing how you go.


Program Name Duration Description Link To Marketplace Discount Code
Unbreakable 18 Weeks Body Transformation GOODBYEUB
Buckets Strong 6 Weeks Introduction For Basketball GOODBYEBUCKETS
Hustle & Grind 8 Weeks Crazy Strength & Metabolic Programming GOODBYEHANDG
NBL1 Preseason Strength & Conditioning 12 Weeks NBL1 Preseason Development. Over 250 sold! GOODBYENBL1
Basketball Strong 52 Weeks Full year of periodization basketball strength training (with on court conditioning) GOODBYE
Fat Loss Overhaul 8 Weeks Body Transformation - For Men & Women - 0-2 years of training experience GOODBYEFATLOSS



Thank you TrainHeroic for an amazing run. We did some amazing things together and we helped grow the industry. I remember what you were in your infancy and all the way to being the powerhouse that you are now. It's been a pleasure to see you grow but sadly it's time for me to go.